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Firstly - The Gaia Guide (TGG) is for all our personal growth junkies, health conscious fanatics, Earth-loving and change-making friends. Due to launch officially Australia-wide in late 2021, TGG will showcase the most transformational experiences in an online store, for those who want to make radical change in their world, but aren’t sure where to start or what’s the next step for them... 


...You know how you may be looking for a workshop, event or experience that is going to help TRULY shift things in your life, such as a shamanic healing, a wellbeing retreat, or a mindfulness course, well The Gaia Guide is where you can go to search the BEST experiences in one convenient place.


Imagine a website where you can intimately search for, compare and purchase authentic (we are talking ‘the-real-deal’) transformative experiences - good for you, all humans, animals and planet Earth. All vetted and comprehensively reviewed by ourselves or our team of super special Gaia Guides (who you know and love so much, you view them as your BFFs). 


Welcome to our world!


A little bit about us... Dr Andy, is a holistic Chiropractor who has been delving deep into the personal development and well being world for the past 15+ years. Studying everything from her Kundalini yoga teacher training and Reiki to conscious parenting techniques and functional neurology courses - she has a broad wealth of knowledge in this space and is passionate about sharing knowledge to support people and the planet in transforming for the better 


Amy is an Events & Marketing Guru, and a connector of conscious business owners, industry leaders and influencers in the space. She is a lover of delving deep into the psychology of human behaviour and human connection. And she can't wait to connect you to all the world wide industry leaders and your future customers.


So now that we have officially met, let’s get to know each other better! 


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